About Us

Having been an artisan, security officer and engineering worker as well, Salathiel Lubisi (aka Salas) has always been an ambitious man. He learned a long time before that the road to making success in business is arduous and full of treachery. He have been in business – operating a consulting office in labour, pension and insurance claims – for twenty-three years, But now he focus mainly on security industry.

Some of the small businesses He operated included the following: public communication center. He once owned an amateur soccer team, which he sustained from my own funds.

Founding Tsutsuma Tsotsi Security (meaning Run, Thief) in 2009 is an extension of his desire to tap from my previous work experience to start out on my own and succeed. The company will trade as TT Security. he is doing an aggressive campaign to sell the business to the market, which includes security packages for households, commercial and industrial centers. As a member of this company he is physically challenged (Disabled); however he is not here to ask any donations, but to ask for an opportunity to serve by protecting you and your property. He recently upgraded his studies in advance business management at Damelin.

Though he is the founder of the company, he has incorporated some female members – Miss Lindiwe Sarah Kgoedi and Mrs Jacobeth Tebogo Lubisi- who will add value through their experience in security and cleaning industry.

Company Motivation

Tsutsuma Tsotsi Security may be small sized company but when it comes to security, our services can be compared to some of the best major companies around. With the crime being so high, the volume of security companies has increased drastically over the past years, all companies will promise to give the best service and they end up disappointed. On the other hand TT Security is here to change to better tomorrow for your properties.


The vision of Tsutsuma Tsotsi Security is to build reputable track record in the security industry and to be among the best security companies in South Africa.

  •  To be leaders through service provision in protecting life, information, property, wealth and assets.
  • It is also the company’s desire and goal to create employment opportunities for historically disadvantaged individuals. This will enhance the recruitment and placement of several unemployed individuals, Due to an increase in the demand for protection.


  • Tsutsuma Tsotsi Security aims to provide excellent service to its clients by living up to its name and in doing so; it will always strive to ensure customer satisfaction because where we are the thieves will cease to exist.
  • We aim to serve our clients with professionalism and integrity, identifying specific needs and developing cost-effective, compatible guarding strategies to suite each individual purpose. We shall remain dedicated to guard our record around the clock through the use of our equipment and technologically superior monitoring system.


  • Without compromising business ethics, Tsutsuma Tsotsi Security will maintain high professional standard which will engender trust and a reliable partner in business.
  • Tsutsuma Tsotsi Security is committed to its people and values them as its important assets and we are passionate about honest, reliability and enthusiasm.

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