Welcome To Tsutsuma Tsotsi Security Services

Tsutsuma Tsotsi Security Services we pride our selves for being a security company with 100% BEE Level 1 and 5 year experience in the security industry.

Security services for residential areas will comprise armed response at premises fitted with alarm systems. Frequent patrolling of the client's locations, as well as continual communications with clients to assess customer satisfaction and complaints. Commercial and industrial centres will have guards at strategic positions to carry out personal searches when required to ensure that goods are not illegally removed from properties. Shoplifting is a serious setback at many shopping centres and malls. Banks are constantly plagued by armed robberies. Industrial centres are exposed to burglary if security is not tight enough. Tsutsuma Tsotsi Security is well placed to apply all its skills and experience to prevent damage to, and loss of, property.

Our Managing Members personal experience in the industry is an advantage to the business because they know and understand the security business in and out. Putting in place the strategy of continual interaction with clients for feedback is another advantage, not only for the business, but also for Tsutsuma Security's clients. The power of word of mouth is valued by Tsutsuma Tsotsi Security, and we believe with a good reputation, the business will prosper.
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